Reduce the complexity of managing security operations with the implementation of SIEM & SOAR solutions.


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As a Microsoft Azure Expert MSP with Advanced Specialization in Threat Protection, Infopulse designs and deploys high-end SIEM/SOAR solutions based on Microsoft Sentinel (formerly Azure Sentinel). Our SIEM/SOAR solutions empower your business with advanced tools for alert detection, cyber threats visibility, proactive threat hunting and response.

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At Winville, we think the only viable option is to outnumber cybercriminals through a collaborative cybersecurity effort. We provide the tool, and you empower each other by using it. 

Security Operations

Equip your security analysts with top-notch security operation tools. With a single console to manage and advanced alert rules, your security officers will always know where and when to react.

Eliminate potential unforeseen consequences of an incident with almost immediate response to the threat. SOAR technology significantly cuts down the time needed to detect and react, defending your assets and business reputation.

Leverage your security data with a SIEM tool. Its extensive capabilities in data analytics and security data enrichment enable more accurate threats detection, identifying, and alerting.

Automate mundane, repetitive tasks to unburden your security specialists. Fine-tuned SOAR helps maintain a high level of security while your security officers can turn to more challenging problems.

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