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Cyber Related Questions

Criminals want to trick you into giving your information to them – this is known as phishing. They're hoping that you’ll click on fake links to sites or open attachments, so they can steal data or install malicious software. Malicious emails account for nearly three quarters of security breaches or attacks. It's often a good idea to pass round screenshots of any phishing emails that have been received by staff to make sure everyone is aware of them and can more easily identify any future suspicious emails.

Such protection entails a set of measures that must be selected in accordance with the specific context, that is, depending on what and who we want to protect.

Cyber crime and cyber risk are real and on the rise. Many very small and medium size businesses fall victim to cyber attacks. The vulnerabilities of their IT systems make them very easy targets for cyber criminals. Winville's partner program gives you access to vulnerability detection and security incident management tools, strategy reports to fend off cyber risks, while benefitting from the expertise of our experts. Working with a partner such as Menaya means maximizing the value of your services.

Cyber threats are common - below are a few indications you should watch out for and that should get you to take the required precautionary and remedial measures. You probably have been hacked if: •You can not connect to your account (and that it is not because you have forgotten your password); •Programs you have never seen before start running when you turn on your computer; •Emails have been sent in your name when you know you have never sent them; •You see content that you have never created posted on your social media account; •Windows pop up on your screen (luring you into visiting a particular website or downloading some software); •Your servers are acting strangely – for instance if they are slower than usual or if they crash way too often; •You can not access your database anymore and/or the data has become unreadable; •You get a ransom demand.

Some industries are at greater risk of cyber threats due to the nature of their business (e.g., healthcare, financial, and education). But when it comes down to it, all organizations should have mitigation measures in place to protect their networks and customers’ sensitive information. 

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